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Brasil será uma das prioridades da nova secretária de Estado obamista, Hillary Clinton, disse Barack Obama. Ela deve dar mais atenção à América Latina, em geral, ao país em particular. "Nos negligenciamos nossos vizinhos no nosso próprio hemisfério", afirmou o democrata, "e há enorme potencial para trabalharmos com outros países --Brasil, por exemplo, que de certa maneira está adiante de nós em estratégias energéticas. Eu acho que isso será muito importante."

O presidente eleito respondia à pergunta sobre quais são as três prioridades da nova secretária de Estado, Hillary Clinton. A afirmação está na íntegra da entrevista que deu à edição da revista Time que o elegeu "personalidade do ano".

A íntegra da pergunta e resposta, em inglês:

You made a very bold choice for Secretary of State. If she were sitting here with you now and you were to say, "Madame Secretary, here are the three stops I want you to make on your itinerary once you get in the job," what would those three places be?

Well, since we're literally having that conversation, I think, a day or two after this publication comes out, I'm not going to have her read it in TIME magazine. But I mentioned to you earlier some of our key priorities. There's no doubt that managing the transition in Iraq is going to be a top priority. Managing a more effective strategy in Afghanistan will be a top priority. Recognizing that it is not simply an Afghanistan problem but it's an Afghanistan-Pakistan-India-Kashmir-Iran problem is going to be a priority. Sorting through our policy with respect to Iran effectively - that will be a priority. Dealing with our transatlantic alliance in a more constructive way and trying to build a more effective relationship with the newly assertive and, I believe, inappropriately aggressive Russia, when it comes to the invasion of Georgia - that is going to be a priority. And seeing if we can build on some of the progress, at least in conversation, that's been made around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be a priority.

Now, I mention those things, but keep in mind that some of the long-term priorities I identified in the campaign remain just as urgent today. I already mentioned nuclear proliferation. I already mentioned climate change. I think dealing with development and poverty around the world is going to be a critical component of our foreign policy. It's good for our security and not just charity. And so, part of the goal that Senator [Hillary] Clinton and I both share - as do [Defense] Secretary [Robert] Gates and [National Security Adviser nominee] General [James] Jones - is moving our foreign-assistance agenda to the center of our national-security conversations as opposed to the periphery. Paying more attention to Latin America. You know, we have neglected our neighbors in our own hemisphere, and there is an enormous potential for us to work with other countries - Brazil, for example, which is in some ways ahead of us on energy strategies. That, I think, would be very important. And finally, managing our relationship with China and the entire Pacific Rim, I think, is something that will keep not just me busy but my successor busy.
Fonte: Blog do Sérgio Da'vila.
Como sei que 100% dos meus leitores lêem em inglês também, postei a matéria na íntegra.

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